Woods, Stains, and Finishes

Domestic wood products are used in the construction of our furniture.

We offer Plainsawn and Quartersawn Oak, Premium Alder, Wasatch Alder, Distressed Alder, Hickory, Maple, Cherry, Black Walnut, reclaimed wood, and live edge.  We hand-select our timber to ensure the highest quality and beauty.

Reclaimed Barnwood is typically pine or fir.  Our reclaimed wood is locally sourced.

We can customize any stain to match a color you already have, or choose from many on our sample wall!

Sherwin-Williams, our supplier, has wide selection of stain colors, if you haven’t found a stain you are among our options, you can also visit their website to see what is available to us.

Wasatch Alder is our Premium Alder that has a texture added on by hand.  This creates a refined rustic feel that helps with masking visible wear and tear over time.

Distressed Alder is our premium Alder that has a distressed texture added on by hand.  We offer our Distressed Alder in light, medium, and heavy distress.  Alder is a beautiful wood, but it is soft.  Adding a distress to the wood creates a “lived-in” feel and will help mask future wear and tear.

Wood Textures and Distress

Our Stain Wall Display